Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.  

Part of my aging process has been noticing how foods make me feel. I can’t eat sugar anymore because it causes me to gain weight, over eat other foods and have uneven emotions. By abstaining from sugar and now, gluten and potatoes I have leveled out emotionally. I have also cut way down on cheese and carbs.

It is starting to get colder now that we are in October and I get winter food cravings.

Last week I had a yen for pasta with ricotta. I followed a recipe for a broccoli puree with raw garlic and ricotta. I substituted gluten free penne for the suggested short pasta. It was an easy recipe that only took about 15 minutes to prepare. I settled in my comfy blue recliner, clicked on Netflix and took my first bite. It was delicious, as were the second, third and even fourth bites.  Then I was full. I didn’t want anymore. The dish was too garlicky and too rich for me. I put it down and noticed a blah feeling. I don’t know if it was from the food directly or just being disappointed that it did not satisfy like I thought it would.  I won’t be having that dish again.

The next night Ron and I made a beef pot pie with gluten free puff pastry crust that we got from the frozen food aisle. This recipe was a bit complicated and we worked on it together with Ron concentrating on the beef and me cutting up the sweet potatoes, leeks and carrots.  We had thawed the puff pastry all day knowing from past experience that it puffed better when thawed rather than being frozen at bake time. Ron put the big black cast iron pan in a 425 degree oven for the final bake as we waited hopefully for our flavorful delight.

It was wonderful.  The gravy was just thick enough. The vegetables tender but not squishy and the thyme made it savory. We each had a serving and then another half serving which we usually don’t do. We complimented each other on how yummy it tasted. The crust was crunchy, golden brown and flaky. Ooh. Just lovely.  Then, the next morning I awoke feeling lousy. I felt nauseous and had a pounding headache.  I hadn’t had a food hangover for a long time because I haven’t been eating any flour- like products, even gluten free. So, another tasty recipe goes down the drain.

Last night we had a chicken breast, broccoli and cherry tomato saute over penne.  I sprinkled on a little lemon juice and added Parmesan cheese just before serving and it was scrumptious. I woke up this morning feeling fit as a fiddle.

I need to eat some carbs so I will keep paying attention to how I feel after I eat and keep readjusting. Because nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.




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