Aikido journeys.

Kokyu nage

In class last night Ron felt rough and abrupt, stopping me with his kokyu nage, his arm heavy and directive.

 When we worked on nikkyo together, his movements felt substantial and sudden on my cold tender wrists. No harm was done but the pain was sharp and I tapped out quickly. I noticed how vulnerable and sensitive I was.

Ron looked huge when he was nage for freestyle, like an elk, powerful, elegant and menacing. His strength seems to be expanding from the frame made by his shoulders and extended arms. The frame felt impenetrable and flexible like the cable used to hold up suspension bridges.

Ron feels to me, when I am uke for him, robust and healthyfor his 71 years or for that matter, a man of 40. He feels like a mountain andat the same time like an ocean wave; solid yet moving and looming. You getinvited in and then realize that you would rather be just about anywhere else.

You can’t think yourself into this bearing. You must be one with what is happening right now. You must take in all the sensations of the moment and process the situation.  Then you can move solidly to lead and follow into peaceful resolutions.

Aikido reshapes, redesigns and heals us on our journeys.

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